Our Mission. Our Promise.

Business Aviation Concepts’ vision is committed to the principle of AIR - Accountability, Integrity and Responsibility. We will always utilize the AIR principle to ensure that our clients’ best interests are protected and that our commitment to transparency and professionalism exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Our Most Precious Resource: Time

Time is the one thing that can never be retrieved, and as globalization and socioeconomics continue to set a new paradigm for our global economy, CEO’s, chairmen and executives are faced with even greater demands on their schedules and time.

Understanding that time is your most valuable asset, we take tremendous pride in working very closely with you and your executive team to create truly bespoke solutions for your business aviation requirements both for your immediate needs, as well as working together to build a solid foundation with business aviation playing a critical role in your corporations’ long term growth and development.

From initial discussions through conception to delivery and thereafter, we remain a fully transparent and steadfast partner in working with you through our dedicated divisions including Business Aircraft Sourcing and Acquisition, Project Management and Aircraft Completions Management.


Sourcing and acquisitions

Keeping your focus on today and your vision on tomorrow, BAC works with you and your executive team to create an aircraft sourcing and acquisition roadmap as bespoke and unique as you.


BAC remains your trusted partner to ensure that all key objectives are met in order that your aircraft is airworthy and ready for operations. Your peace of mind. 


Your business aircraft is a direct extension of how you live and work. From conception through delivery, BAC ensures that your interior design and exterior painting completions project is carried out to your exact expectations. Your vision defined.

As Bespoke and Unique as You


The decision to upgrade your current aircraft or to acquire a new or pre owned business aircraft is a serious undertaking and must be handled with the highest levels of attention to detail, due diligence and transparency while at all times, ensuring that your best commercial interests are protected.

Following comprehensive evaluation of your travel commitments, and in cohesion with your executive team, we will create an aircraft acquisition plan designed to meet all of your extensive requirements for today, while firmly keeping your vision on tomorrow. With complete confidence through a detailed Business Aircraft Feasibility Study to ascertain a true market value, you can be assured that any business aircraft presented to you for recommendation will exceed the highest levels of:

  • Flight Safety
  • Highest Pedigree of Technical Log Book Record Keeping and Scheduled Maintenance Inputs
  • Comfort, Amenities and Luxury
  • Range, Performance and Dispatch Reliability

Once an aircraft has been sourced which is right for you and meets all of your requirements, we remain as your partner and initial point of communications throughout the stages to follow during a business aircraft acquisition including:

  • Contractual Negotiations
  • Aircraft Purchase Agreements
  • Corporate Ownership Structuring 
  • Aircraft Structured Financing Options

Our relationship with you is for the future.


Your Piece of Mind


In preparation for the arrival and entry into service (EIS) of your highly valued business aircraft, many key objectives will be required to be achieved. Among these will include:

  • Aircraft Management Company due diligence studies and contractual support
  • International aviation regulations compliance
  • Liaison between principle ownership, legal team, financial institutions, aviation authorities and aircraft management company
  • Aircraft acceptance, delivery and entry into service

By engaging on your behalf as owner's liaison between the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), legal team, financial institutions, aviation authorities, aircraft management company and yourself, Business Aviation Concepts will remain diligent that your best commercial interests are always kept in the forefront ensuring that you will always benefit with the highest levels of flight safety and compliance, as well as a fiscally responsible and transparent flight operation moving forward.


Part NCC Operations

With effect from 25 August 2016, private business jet owners and operators will now be obligated to comply with EASA Part NCC – Non Commercial Complex aircraft operations guidance. The main objective of Part NCC is to bring the safety levels of non-commercial operators into line and closer to commercial standards.

Navigating this new mandatory directive will have significant implications to any aircraft:

  • Registered in an EASA state, which is involved in non-commercial operations.
  • Registered in a non-EASA state, however maintains residence in a EU member state or third country operating within Europe i.e. Switzerland, Malta, Isle of Mann.  

Along with our trusted partners, we will ensure that your aircraft falls within compliance, which will release the private operator from the complexity and personal liability of these new regulations, whilst maintaining the flexibility of your operations.

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Post Delivery Assessment

Our commitment to you from day one was to develop and nurture a long-term partnership.

In keeping that promise to you, Business Aviation Concepts remains by your side throughout your entire business aircraft ownership experience to always ensure that your best interests are put first and foremost.

Post delivery of your business aircraft, we provide assessment and audit services on an annual or individual stand alone basis of your aviation operations including:

  • A detailed review of the overall management structure and general management of your business aircraft including financial record keeping, expenditures and commercial charter revenue potential, if required.
  • A thorough review of all maintenance performed on your aircraft, maintenance billing and vetting current maintenance status and any due aircraft maintenance events

Your Vision. Defined.


Every individual’s map of this world is as unique as their thumbprint. There are no two people alike. Likewise, no two business aircraft are alike.

As your business aircraft becomes a direct extension and a reflection of how you live and work, we work with you from conception through to final delivery to ensure that your aircraft completion project is carried out to your exact specifications as agreed upon in a clearly defined Work Scope Package including:

  • Initial and follow up contractual negotiations
  • Interior specifications development and optional equipment
  • Specifications meetings with vendors and component selection, materials and colours
  • Continuous interface and liaison between the aircraft completion center, designer groups and yourself.
  • On going oversight while off-site, while ensuring that the Milestone Schedule is adhered to as well as assessment and advancement of the project
  • Hi-lighting and reporting of any potential or significant problem area to both the aircraft completion center and yourself as the aircraft owner and assist in actioning a prompt resolution.
  • Assistance with the flight testing and cold soak flights, to confirm that the aircraft interior suffers no abnormalities in flight and necessary follow up to confirm that any abnormalities are addressed and actioned immediately.
  • Assistance with the final acceptance and delivery of your newly completed business aircraft to you.

From day one up to the final acceptance and delivery of your completed aircraft to you, Business Aviation Concepts is by your side to support your vision and ensure that your standards of functionality, beauty and elegance are met.



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